Technical Consulting 

You know your end goal. You just can't identify all the pieces of the puzzle needed to get there? We can help.

If your project is more complex, we can help you create a document that clearly spells out all the technical and functional things that have to happen to make your website work the way you intended.  How each page will load? What happens when someone clicks on a particular button? How content changes based on the viewer’s online persona?

You can then take this document to any web developer to get your project priced out – no hidden surprises.



Ongoing support and website hosting

Once we build your site, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. Your new content management system gives you the ability to manage your content yourself. But you need your site to grow with your business.

We will remain available to help with new features or functionality as you need them. We will remain responsive to you, help you research what tools are best for your site and find the best way to incorporate them into your site.

We can also manage your website hosting, web address domains, and help you understand visitor traffic using tools like Google Analytics and  Webmaster Tools.

Webbuilders Group hosting Terms of Use can be read here.



Social Media

We can help you set up your social media properties so they display with branding that is consistent with your other marketing tools.

Blogs, Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. 



Tools of the Trade



This content management system is used by 25% of all websites in the world and is by far the most popular CMS on the net. WordPress is simple to use, cost effective and widely supported across the web development sphere. Learn more about our WordPress services here.


Although we love WordPress, our favourite CMS is Silverstripe. Silverstripe is an easy to use open source content management system (CMS) that gives you absolute control over your website development. Learn more about our Silverstripe services here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand how potential clients find and use your site. We install Google Analytics on every site we build, and set you up with your personal dashboard so you can track results.

Other Tools

Our staff use a myriad of analytical and collaborative tools to help maximize the effectiveness of your website build. These tools include Webmaster Tools, Skype, GotoMeeting,, Basecamp PHP, MySQL, jQuery, XHTML + CSS as well as many others.