Webbuilders Group has been providing customers with website design and web page development since 1994.


Yes, we designed for dial-up! Now we design websites for desktops, tablets, smart phones - virtually any device with an internet connection.

We believe strongly that every client should be able to take charge of their website and manage their content after the site goes live. That is why we build all our sites in world class, open source content management systems. We specialize in WordPress and SilverStripe


Our clients choose us because:

  • We don’t speak geek to them
  • We take the time to understand their business
  • We stick around to support them, year after year
  • We use open-source technology that most web developers know
    • This means you aren’t tied to us. You continue to have choices for your IT supplier even after your site goes live
    • This also means we have to continue to work hard to earn your trust – day after day, over and over again

What we do:

Website design

CMS Development


Managed CMS Updates


We believe it is important every website development project results in the following benefits for our clients:

  • A permanent transfer of knowledge and capacity to manage your website;
  • Ongoing access to information on the latest in website and internet marketing trends.