At the end of the day you want to get exactly what you paid for. And you want to enjoy the journey.


That's why we commit to  speaking to you in clear, non-geek language. We tell you exactly what you will get, and how much it will cost. No confusion. No disappointment.


Here's our process:

Initial Meeting

This is when we explore your website objectives, what has worked in the past, what hasn’t, identify budget ranges, etc.

If the project is straight forward, it moves on to the Fixed Price Quote. Otherwise,



This stage identifies further detail on the goals and objectives of the new website. We explore your marketing strategy and the role of the website in implementing that strategy. What are the key audience needs and who are the main competitors? How do they market to your audience? What should visitors do when they reach your site?

Answering these questions helps identify the technical and functional specifications of the new site and guides the graphic design.

Fixed Price Quote.

This provides details on our key deliverables and how much they will cost. A well defined project scope, timeline and price helps avoid any misunderstandings or disappointment.

Wireframes and Site Architecture

The wireframes identify how the information will lay out on the page and what topics will receive most prominence. A site map will make sure all pages of the site are identified and ensures their interaction with each other has been considered.

Graphic Design

This is when you start to see the true visual elements on your new site, incorporating your branding assets. Colors, images, fonts – the “look and feel” of the website.


This is when we turn the designs into actual webpages and populate them with your content.

Site Testing

We test all new websites in various browsers and screen sizes to make sure your content displays exactly as you intended.


When we launch your site we also submit it to the various search engines and install Google Analytics so you can track activity and regularly improve the site’s effectiveness. We also train you on how to  do content updates yourself.

Site Maintenance and hosting

Websites need regular care and maintenance. The good news is you are now trained to update content yourself. We will remain available to help you with anything you need. We can also host your site on our secure servers.