Webbuilders Group Hosting Policy

Service Level Agreement &
Terms of Use


Updated April 6, 2020



Webbuilders Group provides website hosting services as a means of providing full turnkey service to our clients. Hosting is not a core service of Webbuilders and we, in turn, hire a third-party hosting provider to deliver this service. We manage this relationship and provide additional services as outlined below to our hosting clients. Hosting your website with Webbuilders is not mandatory and is offered as an option only.

Data Centers

You have the option to host your website/application on a data center located in either the US or Canada. Contact us if you have a specific location requirement, otherwise we will choose a data center for you based on availability and/or your location. NOTE:

  • We do not manage the physical server locations ourselves – this is purchased from our hosting vendor DigitalOcean - but we do manage the hosting environment (provisioning your server resources, manage software updates, deploy code, etc.). DigitalOcean will NOT contact you directly.
  • Your server is a virtual environment with its own resources, server and application versions, but it ultimately lives in a physical location (so is subject to emergency outages/disk swaps/etc.).
  • Our server provider - and ourselves by proxy - strive for 99.99% uptime.
  • We do not provide direct access to the server. If you require this, we can help set up your own external hosting account (and migrate your website/files over to it – additional costs may apply).


  • Contact during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Atlantic)
    Phone: 902-755-2811, Toll Free 1-800-607-3661. Email: support@webbuildersgroup.com
  • We strive to respond to the support@webbuildersgroup.com email within 24 hours during the business week. We do not offer emergency support unless specifically arranged in advance.
  • You do not have an agreement with our hosting vendor or access to contact them directly.


Our pricing is based on two categories*:

  1. Our base management fee.
  2. The server resources (your hosting “package”). We use a base package unless you share specific requirements (or we identify the need for additional resources ourselves). The base package - and the server resources it includes at no additional cost - breaks down as follows:

    1. The ongoing storage volume(s) required to host your data
      25GB is included in the base package (no additional cost) – less the operating system and server applications

    2. The traffic/bandwidth used monthly
      1TB is included in the base package (no additional cost)

    3. Memory and CPU
      1GB and 1vCPU is included in the base package

    4. Backups (these are calculated as a percentage)
      These are calculated at roughly 20% of the above total server resources

If you require additional resources, we can provide tailored pricing.

*Annual pricing is only for the hosting/server itself; it does not include billable time for tasks relating to servicing your website and/or hosting. This is calculated at our hourly rate.


Backups are included by default (but see Pricing for considerations). These are only used for emergency situations (you cannot directly restore from these backups yourself) and you will need to contact us to retrieve a backup and/or coordinate a restoration. NOTE:

  • Database backups are run once a day;
  • File/asset backups are run once weekly;
  • Backups are retained for 30 days;
  • Although we strive to handle these with upmost safety, there is a possibility the datacenter – or by human error – can lead to these backups being lost. We recommend requesting a backup from us periodically to store yourself as some redundancy.

Other Considerations

By hosting your website or application on our servers, you agree that you are not engaging in any illegal activity (such as piracy or use of illegal images) – directly (yourself) or indirectly (users/visitors to your website). In the event your website is hacked, or visitors are misusing the website (maliciously, or in an illegal way), it’s your responsibility to let us know as soon as you discover something so we can take appropriate action.

Cancelling your Hosting Service

If you wish to cancel your hosting at any time, you must give us 30 days notice so that we can decommission the environment. If you require a backup of your site or files, or support migrating to another host, we may require billable time to help with this.


We reserve the right to terminate any hosting account/website at any time (or decommission your website/application temporarily). Issues warranting termination may include (but are not limited to): lack of payment, virus or malware detected, or illegal activity. It is our intent to work with you and resolve these issues, and we will address them on a per-case basis, but ultimately, we reserve this right.