SilverStripe in an open source Content Management System (CMS) originally developed in New Zealand. CMS's make it easy for nontechnical people to edit and update their websites. SilverStripe has been our CMS of choice for the past three years. SilverStripe released a major upgrade to its system, the new version 3.0, on June 29th 2012. We didn't want to say too much about it until we had lots of opportunity to put it in action. We’ve now developed several web projects in 3.0 and are ready to sing its praises!

SilverStripe 3.0 is what we in the programming world call a major release. Why? Because it doesn’t just contain enhancements or bug fixes, but rather substantial changes to how the software looks and functions and upgrades to its security features.

What has changed?

The most obvious change and the one most important to our clients is the all-new Content Management System (CMS) interface.

Old CMS interface vs New CMS Interface

comparison image of the SS CMS

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The interface has been given a much more vibrant, modern look and page layout. We feel this has enhanced the user friendliness for nontechnical users.

Drag & Drop File Upload

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One of our favorite new features, SilverStripe 3 contains a new drag a drop file upload supported by modern browsers. This makes it very easy to upload multiple files from your computer to your website.

"From The Web" Insert Media

Using the new "from the web" option in the insert media window, you can easily insert youtube videos, vimeo videos, and other embeddable media from third party sites directly into your page.

from the web insert media in SS3

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 Preview Mode

The preview button - Full View

example of the preview pane open

Preview Mode - Full View

The new preview mode allows you, the content editor to quickly switch back and forth between the editing screen and a draft view of the webpage you are editing. Make your changes, click save, and click the preview button to quickly see how your changes look before letting them go live.

The Framework (for the geeks)

Outside of these visual changes to the CMS, the framework which powers SilverStripe has had substantial changes made that streamline development, and improve performance (which could mean faster page load for your visitors!).


Interested in upgrading your current SilverStripe website to this latest version? Or maybe using it for your new website? We are expert SilverStripe developers so contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!