In this blog post I share a useful improvement to the SilverStripe 3.0 grid field component.

I love the new grid field system included with SilverStripe 3; as a developer It's very easy to work with, and is easy to operate in the CMS. However, it was frustrating having to navigate back to the main grid field screen everytime I wanted to add a new item to my list in the CMS. Why do I have to go through two steps just to add another item? I decided to improve this experience by creating a module for SilverStripe 3 that adds a new edit form that includes a "add new" button. This simple change significantly speeds up the process of adding several items to a grid field by eliminating the need to navigate back to the main grid field view.


Get it on Github

If you're interested in using this on your own or one of your clients sites check it out on our Github page.