Swift© Community is a suite of web-based community development tools created for progressive municipalities who want to enhance the interaction and involvement of their citizens.



An internet based asset mapping tool that helps communities publicly present information on important community resources in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. Combining your existing community database of businesses, organizations or critical service programs with SwiftDirectory© gives your residents the ability to:

  • Access this important information from anywhere in the world via a single web portal
  • Search for local organizations via text or category searches
  • Create individual web pages of detailed information for any organization in your community database. Names, addresses, main service areas, contact information, website links, etc.
  • Geo-Map each organization in the database for use with Google Maps, Google Street View, and driving directions
  • Edit any organization's data via a wiki style editor, putting control of community information in the hands of the community. Individual organizations can be added, removed or edited in a few easy steps (The editor comes with security levels so all submitted changes can be reviewed and approved by site administrators before displaying publically)

Think of SwiftDirectory© as your community’s business directory on steroids..

Visit the SwiftDirectory© website



Gives your community the ability to communicate and coordinate important community events across multiple organizations through a single, central on-line presence.

The Chamber of Commerce has an awards dinner to schedule? Town Hall wants to organize a community consultation meeting? Recreation needs to coordinate a FunFest?

Situations like these make it challenging and frustrating for community organizers to schedule and promote events so that they don’t conflict with each other.  Community groups operating on tight budgets need to promote the events unique to, or of benefit to their members.

Residents and visitors get frustrated if they have to search a number of unconnected websites to find out what is going on in their community.

SwiftCalendar© provides community organizations the ability to place an events calendar on their individual websites and publish events supporting their mandate. Their information automatically feeds into a centralized community calendar webpage hosted on the main commmunity website. Community groups promote their own agenda while, with no added effort or threat, support community-wide initiatives.

SwiftCalendar© has all the same public engagement features you’d expect from SwiftCommunity tools.  Wiki editors allow individual residents to suggest community events for publication, or to submit updates to currently posted events. (All public submissions are sent to the back-end manager tool for approval by community administrators.) Other features include:

  • Details on every event (time, location, sponsor, description, link to website, etc.)
  • Printer Friendly pages
  • Subscribe-to-calendar feature
  • Wiki style editors to allow public submission of events
  • Syndicate across any number of community websites

Visit the SwiftCalendar© website



The job search and job posting tool created for smaller and medium sized communities. SwiftCareers© gives your community the opportunity to have its own local on-line job website. You can provide employers the opportunity to publically post available employment opportunities at the click of a few buttons. You can provide job seekers the ability to search for local employment, even if they currently live on the other side of the country.

  • Search for job postings 3 ways - key text, employer or job category 
  • Post jobs with user-friendly fill in the blank forms or link to 3rd party career sites or employer career pages directly from your job posting
  • Integrate with SwiftDirectory to provide an added means of maintaining community asset information.

 SwiftCareers© is an efficient cost-effective means to promote increased access to your local labour market opportunities.

Visit the SwiftCareers© website