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SilverStripe Image Cropper Module

silverstripe cropper module

The imagery on your website can make a lasting first impression. Read more about 'SilverStripe Image Cropper Module'...

Is your website ready for foldable phones?

One of the most popular smartphone brands, Samsung, recently unveiled their prototype foldable phone at their 2018 developer conference. Read more about 'Is your website ready for foldable phones?'...

Why Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

why upgrade featured

With SilverStripe version 4. 0. 0 finally hitting stable release we want to share some reasons why you should upgrade your SilverStripe website to version 4. 0. 0. Read more about 'Why Upgrade to SilverStripe 4'...

SilverStripe 4

silverstripe 4 blog featured

SilverStripe 4 is the latest version of the SilverStripe content management system. Released on November 8th, 2017. Developed over 2+ years by the SilverStripe team and open source contributors. Read more about 'SilverStripe 4'...

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