GridField Calendar View

Updated 11 days ago

A component for viewing a GridField's data as a calendar

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Kapost Bridge Logger

Updated 12 days ago

A wrapper for our SilverStripe Kapost Bridge module that logs all incoming requests to the kapost service

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Kapost Bridge

Updated 12 days ago

Bridge for Kapost driven content authoring, provides support for basic content pages. But also provides a flexible api to allow for custom content types.

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New Relic Integration

Updated 17 days ago

Provides improved naming of transactions, error reporting and general tracking for SilverStripe site's on servers with the New Relic PHP Agent installed. As well as an overview of the Site's Performance.

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Display Logic Extras

Updated 18 days ago

Addons to the display-logic module by UncleCheese

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Limited Relations GridField

Updated 20 days ago

Adds the ability to limit the number of items in the relationship managed by GridField.

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Translatable Routing

Updated 34 days ago

Extends SilverStripe Translatable module and replaces routing to enable multi-lingual urls

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Front End GridField

Updated 47 days ago

Wraps gridfield adding support for using it on the front-end.

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SiteConfig Error Pages

Updated 48 days ago

Moves the SilverStripe Error Page management from the page tree to Settings section.

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CMS Preview Preference

Updated 54 days ago

Adds the ability for users to control the default CMS preview mode and size for their login

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GridField Deleted Items

Updated 2 months ago

Provides a series of components that allows you to view versioned objects that have been deleted from the draft site.

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Vidyard Embed

Updated 3 months ago

Adds support to SilverStripe for embedding Vidyard videos easily into your SilverStripe powered website.

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CMS User Docs Viewer

Updated 7 months ago

A wrapper for silverstripe/docsviewer that pulls the documentation into the cms replacing the Help menu item.

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Stripe Payment Gateway

Updated 8 months ago

Payment gateway for the Stripe payment service

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Meta Preview

Updated 11 months ago

Adds a preview of what the Metadata for the current page will look like in Googles Search Result Page

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CMS Tree Status

Updated 11 months ago

Adds styles to the cms page tree to clearly identify pages in draft mode, changed on draft, or removed from draft/live

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Collapsible Widgets

Updated 11 months ago

Extends the widget area editor and makes used widgets collapsible. Works well with the advanced widget editor module.

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GitHub Shortcode

Updated 11 months ago

Add a short code for adding GitHub Star and Fork buttons with counts to a HTMLText field.

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GridField Detail Form Add New

Updated 11 months ago

Adds the ability to create a new gridField item directly from the edit form

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GridField Item Type

Updated 11 months ago

Adds type/class picking functionality to SilverStripe 3.0's GridField

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