Take charge of your website the moment it goes live.

Content management systems (CMS) let you take control of your website. Adding new pages, photos, text or video is easy. All our websites are built on the latest CMS platforms. We specialize in two of the world’s leading, open source content management systems.




wordpress logo croppedThis content management system is used by 25% of all websites in the world and is, by far the most popular CMS on the internet. WordPress is simple to use, cost effective and widely supported across the web development sphere.

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Although we love WordPress, our favourite CMS is SilverStripe. SilverStripe is an easy to use open source content management system (CMS) that gives you absolute control over your website content. If you are looking for a solution to keep your site updated and marketed better, SilverStripe is for you. When we build your website with SilverStripe, you can update your site easily and instantly from anywhere in the world, on any computer, with any web-browser.

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We feel strongly you should only hire developers who use widely deployed, open source content management systems to build websites. 

  • This ensures you aren’t beholding to any one web firm after your site goes live. If your site is built in a developer-specific proprietary platform, you will never have the ability to change suppliers if you aren’t happy.
  • Open Source means there are developers all over the world constantly working to improve the CMS, fixing security holes, and adding new features and functionality, so you have the option to grow your website at the same pace as your business 




Here at Webbuilders we are constantly pushing ourselves to come up with new innovative projects - it's one of the many things that keeps us on the edge, and enjoying what we do.

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